Welcome to 10th annual international conference on New Technologies of Distributed Systems

The technologies for information distribution are still volving and changing. The International Conference on the new distributed systems technologies (NOTERE 2010: NOuvelles TEchnologies de la REpartition) is a bilingual (French/English) forum for engineers and scientists in academia, industry and government to present the recent advances and latest research results in the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed system platforms, applications and architectures. NOTERE 2010 will include a high quality scientific  program, invited speakers, tutorials and workshops in conjunction with the conference.

After the nine past conferences held successively  in Pau, Montreal, Paris, Saadia, Gatineau, Toulouse, Marrakech, Lyon, Montreal, the tenth edition of NOTERE will be Held in Tozeur in Tunisia.



NOTERE 2010 requests the submission of scientific or technical papers on the following topics (but not exclusively):
-  Service oriented Architecture, Web applications, Web services

- Domain Specific languages for distributed systems

- Object, Component, and Agent based distributed systems

- Collaborative Applications, Distributed and mobile coordination and collaboration

- Distributed Algorithms

- Reliability and scalability of distributed systems

- Context-aware, Self-adaptation, Self-reparation, and Self-*

- Autonomous middleware, Event based middleware

- Communication, Architecture and Protocols

- Service oriented architecture of network services

- Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous Networks and their applications

- Peer to peer systems and their applications

- Management of distributed information and management policies

- Modeling, Formal and Semi-formal methods, and Tools for distributed systems

- Privacy, Trust and Security in distributed systems

- Semantic approaches and Ontology for modeling and management of distributed systems

- QoS management in distributed systems

- Cloud computing, Grid computing et their applications

- Software and Middleware for embedded distributed systems and their applications

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