Les ateliers de NOTERE'2010


             Les ateliers auront lieu le dimanche 30 Mai 2010


La dixième édition de la conférence internationale sur les nouvelles technologies de la répartition (NOTERE 2010) se tiendra à Tozeur (Tunisie) du 31 mai au 2 juin 2010. Conjointement à cet événement, trois ateliers (workshops) seront organisés le 30 mai 2010. Ces ateliers auront des thématiques spécifiques liées à celles de la conférence principale (http://notere2010.redcad.org).


DANCE: International workshop on Distributed Architecture modeling for Novel Component Embedded systems
By: Brahim Hamid and François Terrier

URL: http://www.irit.fr/DANCE2010
The supporting research in the distributed systems area includes system architecture, design techniques, testing, validation, proof of correctness, modeling, software reliability, operating systems, parallel processing and real/time processing. The goal of this workshop is to present significant works dealing with the design of distributed architecture and applications for embedded systems using both modeldriven approach and component based development. Architecture design involves defining how the architecture is specified. Here, we focus on design tools with some view of the possible implementations frameworks providing runtime support to take full benefits of existing infrastructure to build flexible efficient distributed systems. We would like to promote new programming paradigms that allow software developers to express distribution in a platform independent manner.


PROMASC: Provisioning and Management of Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing
By: Riadh BEN HALIMA, Mohamad EL MASRI and Ernesto EXPOSITO
URL: http://www.redcad.org/members/benhalima/workshop/

As the paradigm service-oriented architecture gains more prominence in the development of applications, the way of management of these applications is becoming a critical feature in order to provide a better quality of service. Cloud Computing is a technology that provides on-demand access to massively scalable resources in the field of Service Computing. The technical foundations of Cloud Computing include service-oriented architecture (SOA) and virtualizations of hardware and software. It has emerged as a new paradigm for deploying, managing and offering services through a shared infrastructure.
This workshop intends to provide an effective forum for researchers and industry practitioners to exchange innovative ideas and state-of-the-art research, share experiences and lessons learned from academic research projects as well as real world projects.


Web2Touch 2010 – living experience through web
By: Olga Nabuco, Mariagrazia Fugini, Khalil Drira, Marcos Da Silveira and Rodrigo Bonacin

URL: http://www.cti.gov.br/web2touch2010/
The purpose of this workshop is to explore a multidisciplinary view of the web aiming at achieving its full potential as a live medium for sharing and collaboration. Joining their complimentary views, researchers can exchange their savoir-faire on conceiving systems to sharing knowledge. The web has evolved toward the semantic web, web services, social web and probably should appear in a web of things. The main emerging web activities are characterized by collaboration, sharing and creation of knowledge, woven into social and business networks. The techniques of representation, management, sharing and discovery of knowledge are facing technical interoperability, semantics and organizational challenges. This workshop aims to bring to light the state of the art of semantic technologies, web services and knowledge engineering in order to convey solutions for collaborative work in Science, Health, and Web science.